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“anyplace there's want of excellent education, wherever there are aspirations not getting proper guidance, we are able to BE THERE.”

Began in 1BHK flat and most effective three students, this academic powerhouse has transpired itself into primary India’s biggest & the maximum prestigious institute for IIT & scientific education in 3 states, five towns & greater than 10,000 pleasant students. A recognition is now related to Pathshalaa in India that wherein there Pathshalaa steps in, is going out the times of unprofessionalism in schooling.
Pathshalaa has very competitive country wide enlargement Plans to unfold exceptional schooling throughout India. To materialize the identical, Pathshalaa invites application from all elements of India for its franchise supplying.


• Unmatched past results.
• Small batch size for indivisual attention.
• Dedicated, experienced, result oriented and time tested faculty team.
• Flexible coaching model : Paathshalaa ensures maximum utilization of time and energY, Knowledge is imparted at a pace at which the student can absorb and retain it.
• Optimum distribution of time for self-study and coaching.
• Integrated approach of teaching which not only prepares students for entrance exams but also for school/board exams.
• Special emphasis on Olympiads, KVPY and BITS.
• Exhaustive, relevant and original study material and test papers.
• Systematic evaluation through regular tests (periodic, phase and mock tests) and discussion of test papers (for competitive exams as well as board exams.)
• Periodic batch reshuffling tests to inculcate competitive spirit and form homogeneous batches.
• Workshop for test taking strategy and paper attempting strategy.
• Learning and competitive environment at paathshalaa provides the necessary edge and exposure.
• Practice sessions for speed building with accuracy.
• Availability of the faculties for doubt clearance sessions and to provide remedial measures for the identified weak areas.
• Effective and efficient student support system.

What We Need?

• Commitment toward turning in fine schooling to students
• Expertise of the aggressive schooling way of life of India and having thoughts of improvements in it.
• Willingness to construct a crew which can carry forward the legacy of Pathshalaa within the identical way it has been, till now.
• A will to exceed the benchmarks and set new ones en-course.
• Long term imaginative and prescient
• Entrepreneurial technique.


Pathshalaa will provide its support in the following domains:

Pathshalaa will provide training and steerage to all the teaching and non-coaching staff to re-create the mannerism and gadget from which majestic improvement has already been occurred.

Pathshalaa may even assist in recruitment of the body of workers on distinctive tiers in order that we can build a crew that could accomplish given responsibilities in green manner.

With time, Pathshalaa has evolved progressive structures to create and keep all the operative mediums in a campus, conversation with different campuses and a well functional hierarchy. Pathshalaa will even effectively install similar to the support to the franchise.

The new system will also be braced with the phenomenal instructional device of Pathshalaa. we are able to be providing materialistic and moralistic aids to the brand new system according to a particular educational Calendar of Pathshalaa, throughout the year.

Pathshalaa would no doubt raise the new machine with its fraternity well-known advertising strategies and promotional plans which encourage the persuasiveness of our device to others within the best manner.

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